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TIKI - Kalua 6-Chip NACHOS

Updated: Sep 14

No cheese on these nachos. We will also attempt to make the plate more organized than what we might find at a Mexican restaurant. try to compose the plate so each chip has a large helping of all of the ingredients. try to leave no plain chips on the plate.


wonton chips

pulled pork

korean bbq sauce

cabbage / slaw



serrano peppers


pickled red onion

wonton chips

- fry fresh daily ( dont over fry, remove from oil after 5-8 seconds )

- dust with gochujang powder

pulled pork

- fire braised pork shoulder

- korean bbq sauce

- marinate over low heat

- keep warm in steam table


- purple cabbage, shredded, but also chopped, we dont want long stringy pieces.

shred on mandoline and then chop with knife so pieces are not too long and stringy


- chopped into 1/4" cubes ( or "tidbits" )


- chips go down first

- spicy mayo on top of chips

- cabbage

- pork

- pineapple

- a bit more bbq sauce on top

- scallions

- serrano peppers

- cilantro

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