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CLOSED (mud season)

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What is an IZAKAYA?

[ ee·zuh·kai·uh ]

An IZAKAYA  (居酒屋) is a type of informal Japanese bar that serves drinks and snacks. IZAKAYA are casual places similar to an Irish pub, a Spanish tapas bar, or an American tavern. The name IZAKAYA originated from Japanese sake shops that allowed customers to sit on the premises to drink and eat.

The IZAKAYA CABIN in Crested Butte offers both a casual and lively atmosphere celebrating it's namesake as an IZAKAYA (Main Bar & Community Tables) as well as an exquisite sushi / fine dining experience in the Loft.

Downstairs community tables, bar seats, sushi bar and patio tables are outfitted with the latest in Japanese sushi bar technology. Our cyber-sushi ordering platform replaces the golf pencils and scraps of paper from the sushi bars you may have visited in years past. Instead, our entire digital menu is updated daily and our ordering system allows guests to place orders directly with the kitchen and bar. Our chefs keep their hands busy slicing sashimi, and our service staff has extra time to genuinely interact with our guests. 

Loft tables offer a more traditional service (no tech)

Omakase [ $150/ person ] is available at the sushi bar only. Omakase service is 2.5 hours minimum, reservations must be made in advance.

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