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California Crab Mix

Updated: Jun 2

california crab is a 100% cooked / frozen product.

2 bag Kani-Kama (imitation crab, thawed) ( pull from freezer 24 hours before)

( 1 bag = 2.5lbs, 5lbs total )

3/4 cup Kewpie Mayo (6oz) (appx 1/4 of small kewpie bottle)

1 tsp salt ( add more to taste if necessary )

Old Bay Seasoning ( 4 grams = appx 18 shakes )

store in 1/9 pan. always use same size pan for storage & service

wrap, label and date

NOTES: this recipe gets made without using a recipe all the time. the point to the recipe is to add just enough mayo to help the crab stick together, but we do not want to kill the flavor of the crab by adding too much mayo

PULL FROZEN KANI at end of shift or even mid-shift. We want the kani to thaw overnight and not have to quick-thaw.

KANI KAMA is imitation crab, but it is also flavored by adding in REAL CRAB. if someone has a crab / shellfish allergy they cannot eat imitation crab. for this reason imitation crab, lobster, etc is always stored closest to the cutting board, co that if a scrap falls off of a utensil it will not fall into another


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