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Updated: Sep 16

MAKES APPX 4x 1/3 pans

Prep time = 30 min ( wait 2-4 hours ) an additional 30 minutes


- Sake

- Tamari

- Ginger puree

- Garlic (chopped)

- Cauliflower ( 1 tray, appx 12 heads )

- Potato Starch


Removes leaves from cauliflower heads

Cut / break Cauliflower into bite size pieces.

- Make sure were not cutting them too small.

- Appx the size of a chicken nugget / quarter

Fill up a 22qt container to 3” from the top with the cauliflower florets


Equal parts SAKE + TAMARI

1/2 cup ginger puree

1/2 cup garlic cloves ( roughly chopped )

- Stir together equal parts tamari and sake with garlic and ginger in 8 quart container

- Pour marinade over cauliflower in 22 qt container

- Fill remainder of container with equal parts SAKE and TAMARI until cauliflower is covered

- Only fill to 3” below rim of container. Stir it all together so there are not large clumps of ginger / garlic in one place.

WAIT 4 HOURS ( Not Longer!! )

Use strainer to remove 1 scoop of cauliflower florets. Let drain over the 22qt container

Scoop into s giant stainless mixing bowl. Sprinkle potato Starch over top and mix thoroughly by hand. Repeat until all cauliflower is used. Save the Marinade. We will reuse this 4-5 times

When florets are thoroughly coated in potato starch store them in 1/3 pan (4”)

- Use paper towel on bottom of pan

- Cover with plastic wrap / Label + Date

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