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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

super bright, sweet, salty, hint of spice

1 head red cabbage

4 red onions

2 beets (raw, not roasted)

1/4 cup togarashi

1/4 cup garlic cloves (whole)

1/4 cup ginger puree

2 sups sugar

1 cup salt

8 cups rice vinegar

1 cup red wine vinegar

step 1 - Cut the veggies

- slice onion + cabbage

- slice onion + cabbage into quarters

- remove the stem of red cabbage

- use mandolin ( wear the metal gloves )

- peel and slice raw beets

- dont use mandolin, jut cut in half and slice thin

- ( the beets just add color, they will be removed later)

- use garlic whole

- place all sliced veggies in 8 quart clear lexan container

step 2 - make the marinade

- in large sauce pan, combine rice vinegar, red wine vinegar, salt, sugar

bring to boil

- turn heat to low, stir together until sugar + salt are completely dissolved

- turn off heat add 4 quarts of ice to same large sauce pan, and immediately chill the mix, stir in togarashi spices

step 3 - combine

- pour the cooled marinade over onion, cabbage, beet, garlic, ginger

- cover, date, label

- let sit overnight in walk-in


- remove the beets + garlic cloves as the present themselves and discard.

- pickled red onion + cabbage are extremely flavorful

- use sparingly for flavor + color


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