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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

REAL CRAB mix is 100% cooked product.

1 can lump crab (refrigerated)

1 can SUPER lump crab (refrigerated)

50g yuzu mayo


old bay seasoning

FOLD together. mix ingredients slowly with rubber spatula and try not to break apart the crab too much

store in 1/6 pan. always use same pan for storage & service

NOTE: sometimes there is frozen blue or red crab available for use in freezer. Pull frozen products 24 hours before use and let thaw in refrigerator. Try not quick-thaw under running water. Frozen product has a tendancy to break apart more than the canned lump crab. use extra care when mixing with the frozen crab.

TEXTURE is very important in the real crab mix. super jumbo crab is a delicacy and we like people to know . do not over mix.

CRAB CAKE is made from the exact same recipe. to make crab cakes just add 1/4 cup bread crumbs to mix, with 50g extra mayonaise.


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