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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Spicy tuna mix is a combination of Fresh tuna that cannot be used on the sushi line and frozen (thawed) product to make up for the volume difference

5 kg Tuna

40g soy sauce

300g kewpie mayo

180g sriracha

40g togarashi (japanese 7 spice mix)

20g sesame oil

to generate 5kg of tuna use a combination of...

  • fresh scraped tuna

  • frozen ground tuna

  • frozen tuna steaks (chop to 1/4" cubes)

  • frozen 1/2" poke cubes ( re-chopped to 1/4")

NOTES: color and texture is very important. Keep the spicy tuna mix FRESH by making in smaller batches if necessary. discard product that looks/ smells questionable or is more than 2 days old.

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