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Updated: Jun 2

Spicy tuna mix is a combination of Fresh tuna that cannot be used on the sushi line and frozen (thawed) product to make up for the volume difference

5 kg Tuna

20g salt

300g kewpie mayo

180g sriracha

40g togarashi (japanese 7 spice mix)

20g sesame oil

to generate 5kg of tuna use a combination of...

  • fresh scraped ahi tuna

  • frozen ground tuna

  • frozen tuna steaks (chop to 1/4" cubes)

  • frozen 1/2" poke cubes ( re-chopped to 1/4")

SPICY tuna should have a sublte texture, not just all scrape, ground, but it should also contain whole chunks of tuna. for this reason we should try to use as much fresh tuna as possible, and only add in the frozen cubes / steaks when necessary. when using the cubes, re chop them so they are not perfect cubes. even a rough chop is better than non at all.

NOTES: color and texture is very important. Keep the spicy tuna mix FRESH by making in smaller batches if necessary. discard product that looks/ smells questionable or is more than 2 days old.


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